Thermogravimetry / Differential Thermal Analyzer (TG/DTA)

Model : STA7000 Series
    Newly developed simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA, TGA/DTA) with high performances. ug level weight changes can be detected and precisely measured with high sensitivity horizantal balance systems. The base line performance is improved by adopting newest digital technology.



STA7200 STA7300
Temperature Range Ambient to 1100 oC Ambient to 1500 oC
Balance Type Horizontal Differential Type
TG Measurement Range + 400mg
TG Sensitivity 0.2 ug
DTA Measurement Range + 1000 uV
Scan Rate 0.01 to 150 oC/min 0.01 to 100 oC/min
Purge Gas Flow Rate 0 to 1000 ml/min  
Cooling Time 1000 to 50 oC within 12 min  
Autosample (option) 50 50