Genius XRF

Hand-Held Genius XRF Spectrometer

Model : Genius XRF

Appication : ALL


   The Genius III XRF comes in various Models. The Genius XRF can be calibrated to work for various application.

Mineral Exploration and Surveying, Alloy Analysis, Precious Metal Analysis, ROHS/WEEE Analysis. 


Technical Specifications

Measurement Elements From Magnesium to Ulranium (80 Element Tatal)
Precision 0.05% to 0.1% Deviation
Weight 1.35 Kg
Tube Voltage 5-50 KV
Test Time 30 Seconds
Ambient Humidity < 71%
Ambient Temperature -20 oC to 50 oC
Power Input 110 to 220 Vac