Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer (DMS)

Model : DMA7100

     Viscoelasticity measurements transforms the sample by bending, tension, shearing, etc,. and find the elastic modules and tanσ of the sample from the amount of deformation and response delay. Local relaxation, etc., of polymatic materials, which cannot be grasped by typical thermal analysis methodes, can be obtained at high sensitivity.
Deformation Mode Tension, Bending, Shear, Film Shear, Compression, 3 point Flexure
Frequency Sine wave Oscillation...0.01 to 200 MHz
Measurement Range 105 to 1012 Pa&(Tension), 105 to 1012Pa(Bending), 103 to 109Pa(Shear), 104 to 1010Pa(Fl=ilm Shear), 105 to 109Pa(Compression), 106 to 1013Pa(3 Point Bending)
Program Temp Range -150 oC to 600 oC
Heating Speed  0.01 to 20 oC/min
Output Values     Temperature, Frequency, Time, E'(g'), E"(G"), tanσ, ft, dL, Stress, Strain